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Susan "Sue" Jeffrey Busen

Bestselling Author, Speaker, Investigative Health Coach

Creator of GetSet™ Approach Tapping

  • Co-creator and Executive Board Member of Teacherhood

  • Founder of Tap into Balance and My Pet Healer

  • Former Environmental Biologist and Research Scientist

  • Author of 11 books, including three foreign translations

  • Recipient of a 2019 Mindfulness Award for helping people find a better way to heal by identifying hidden dietary, emotional, and environmental culprits

  • Has helped thousands of people and animals by getting to the root cause of physical ailments and limiting beliefs

  • Advocate for safer technology

  • Mother of three incredible adult sons who inspire her every day

  • Susan is known for saying, “Self-care is not selfish,” and “Your body has an incredible ability to heal.”

  • Website:


EFT, or tapping, is an emotional form of acupuncture that was developed in the 1990s by Gary Craig. EFT is an effective and powerful modality used to access blocked energy simply by tapping your fingertips on acupressure points. It releases patterns of resistance and releases negative emotions so you can open yourself up to higher vibrational levels.


The Global Emotional Tapping Scripts and Energy Therapies (GetSet™) Approach is my proprietary simple six-step process. It uses EFT to release negative emotions, followed by a powerful forgiveness step, positive affirmations, and a quick method for tracking your progress. The GetSet™ Approach promotes the use of tapping scripts that have been carefully developed by taking into consideration any negative consequences of the verbiage used.

I have been using tapping with clients and presenting it in schools and hospitals for many years. My tapping process is unique and I find it even more effective than traditional Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Tapping.

Participants will be guided through the tapping process in a hands-on, follow-the-leader type of approach. I will be teaching them and giving them the opportunity to assess how it is working for them as we go. In groups, it always works. It will give them a quick tool to reduce their stress and frustration so they can be happier, be more present to serve the children, and do the work they have come to do.

Tapping is a fantastic resource for teachers to use personally as well as in their classrooms.

My Published Books:

  • Tap into Joy: A Guide to Emotional Freedom Techniques for Kids and Their Parents

  • Tap into Joy (Slovenian Edition)

  • Tap into Success: A Guide to Thriving in College Using Emotional Freedom Techniques

  • Tap into Balance: Your Guide to Awakening the Joy Within Using the GetSet™ Approach

  • Good Vibes: 48 Tips to Raise YOUR Vibration—The Secret to Creating a Healthy Lifestyle and Attracting What You Want

  • Tormented by Technology: The Silent Health Effects of Wireless Electromagnetic Radiation

  • Bridging Medicine and Miracles: Essential Truths, Key Practices, and a New Perspective on Health and Healing

  • Tap into Joy: Energy Clearing for Children of All Ages (DVD)

  • EFTタッピングセラピー おとなが子どもにできること (Tap into Joy in Japanese)

  • Cancer: From Tears to Triumph (Anthology)

  • Tap into Joy with Eli Bear (Special Edition)

  • Tap into Balance (Korean Edition)


My Upcoming Books:

  • Tap into Your Dream: The Secret to Creating the Life You Want

  • Tap into Hope: A Guide to Helping Children through Grief

  • Coauthor of Outside In: A Guided Journal of Self-Reflection and Awakening

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